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We want to produce consistently cleaner loads of recyclable materials.

Here’s how:

10 recycling “convenience centers” will be strategically located around the city and will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’ll be locked so for recycling only. They have slots for cardboard – although NOT greasy pizza boxes – and places in which to deposit clean cans and plastic, but NOT plastic bags. Your recycling needs to be clean and dry.

Here’s why:

Two main reasons – one, we don’t have the manpower to continue curbside pickup alongside trash and yard waste pickup. Two, about 60% of the recycling we pick up curbside is contaminated. Batches from separate houses co-mingle in the trucks; if your recycling is 100% clean and dry and enough of your fellow residents are not as careful, the entire load can become contaminated with greasy pizza boxes, unclean cans, or plastic bags. Contaminated loads are sent to the landfill instead of being processed at the recycling plant. We believe that citizens who choose to continue recycling at the convenience centers are more likely to contribute clean recyclable goods, and the loads are much more likely to be uncontaminated.  Note: Your bill has never included a separate charge for recycling. 

Here’s where:

1. East end of San Ortebello Drive adjacent to our elevated water tower.
2. 100 22nd St. NE in parking area adjacent to city lift station
3. 1000 24th St. E. adjacent to the Dream Center
4. Cordova Lakes Dead End at 38th Ave. W./61st St. W. (will replace yard waste container there)
5. 17th Ave. W. Park at Wares Creek, adjacent to lift station
6. Lewis Park parking lot, 3120 1st Ave. W.
7. 9th Ave. W. (between 63rd and 64th St. W.), north side of road
8. Palma Sola Causeway, 9800 SR 64 W, adjacent to solid waste dumpster
9. 28th St. W. Park @ 2718 13th Ave. W., at opening in split rail fence
10. Red Cross Building Loop Road 2905 59th St. W.

We will provide photos of the sites when the containers are deployed.

Here’s when:

Curbside recycling will be indefinitely suspended beginning June 3, 2022. At that time, your blue recycling bin will be repurposed by our staff for yard waste use. After we have success with our first group of 10 10-cubic-yard recycling containers, we will consider ordering more.

Click on the link below for Solid Waste Holiday Schedule Pickup Dates for 2022.


HVW Clubhouse and Pool Open & COVID Update 5.1.2022

Fluctuations in COVID-19 positive cases in Florida and around the country continue however most activities have settled into their new norm. We will continue to monitor changes and respond accordingly to any updated official guidelines.

The clubhouse and pool are both open with no current mask requirements. That said, we ask that everyone remain aware and vigilant of their health conditions and respect the boundaries of other individuals around them. If you feel that not wearing a mask or contact with others at community events, meetings or other activities places a greater risk on your health or that of others, please trust your instincts and either wear a mask or do not attend.  We ask that everyone be respectful and tolerant of each person’s individual choice to mask or not.

The Clubhouse is open for use by HVW residents.  

  • All activities have resumed per their seasonal schedules.
  • Private parties and gatherings by HVW residents continue to require a reservation through the Clubhouse Committee. 
  • We ask that tables and other high-touch surfaces are properly wiped down/sanitized after use. 
  • The kitchen is open for community use and should be appropriately cleaned as well.

The Pool is open for use by residents and their guests.

There is no emergency phone located at the pool or clubhouse.

  • Please bring your cell phone when using the pool in case of any emergency. There are no State or Local requirements for an emergency phone.
  • Bathrooms are open and their access from the pool area requires your pool key.
  • New tables and umbrellas are in place and are not to be moved. They are quite heavy and could cause physical harm or be damaged if attempted improperly.
  • It is recommended that you bring your own sanitizing wipes to wipe down pool handles, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Social distancing is recommended.

There have been no new COVID-19 related instructions from the State of Florida, as of this update.  The Board retains the authority to close the pool and/or clubhouse completely if deemed necessary or required by the various government entities. We will remain subject to any new guidance received from State or Federal agencies which would affect our condominium association and facilities usage. COVID-19 remains an active concern particularly for those individuals with comorbidities and/or immune compromised health. It remains the responsibility of each of us as individuals to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

Please remain respectful of others choices and continue to model the behavior you wish to see from others.

HVW President